Joanna R. Bottesi 

Lessons, Training and Showing

Free Lance Massachusetts Licensed and Insured Riding Instructor

Jo Bottesi offers lessons, training and showing in Hunters, Equitation and Jumpers

Hunter & Equitation Lessons are available for all levels of students from beginner to advanced.  Children can start taking lessons at 4 years old in the Pony Pals program. This lesson program is geared towards riders of any level looking to refine their skills. Whether looking to become an accomplished rider in the show ring or a knowledgeable pleasure rider. All riders learn the ins and outs of caring for their equine friends.    

We regularly attend Local WNE-PHA, MHC and NEHC horse shows through out the season.  We will be happy to attend any "A" rated show for those riders wanting to show on the upper levels.  We also have a Drill Team which offers riders a fun way to show off the skills they work so hard on in lessons.   

Jo has an individualized approach for both teaching students and training horses because she believes that every person and every horse has their own way of learning and understanding. Safety is her top priority and she never asks a rider to try something they are not comfortable with.  With all riders she works on the basics first so they have a strong foundation and can become confident and successful in the discipline of their choosing.

Lessons and training are available at Clover Hill Farm in Williamstown, your home or any other facility open to outside trainers.  Lessons are also available at Undermountain Farm in Lenox, MA.

We would like to meet you and have you become part of the family! 

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